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Who is Mr. Charge Higher Prices?

Scott Sorrell has had a significant impact on the national & global business world. He is widely known as “Mr. Charge Higher Prices”… and his sales & persuasion tactics have helped increase the sales of his clients by more than five billion dollars!

Scott’s powerful program, “How to Charge Higher Prices & Get Your Customers to Thank You For It,” includes more than 80 profit-pumping methods for increasing your customers’ willingness to pay! Countless organizations have engaged Scott to speak, train and provide expert guidance.

Let Mr. Charge Higher Prices skyrocket your bottom line today!

Why You Need Scott To Speak At Your Next Event


Scott has given more than 2,000 powerful presentations in the U.S. and around the globe, sharing his 80+ techniques for influencing customers to pay more than they expected and be delighted they did so! You For It!


Mr. Charge Higher Prices will help skyrocket your sales no matter your company size, industry or pain point, and he has done so with companies from startups to the Fortune 500.



Scott’s extensive experience with local and global B2B and B2C companies ensures a customized presentation guaranteed to help boost your profit-per-transaction.


Scott’s incredibly powerful and proven techniques create “serious” results … but he is one of the most fun, engaging and dynamic presenters your team will ever see!

Scott’s proven strategies have helped thousands


“I have engaged Scott Sorrell on two separate occasions, and we have achieved consistently outstanding results each time. He brought effective tools for selling, persuading and negotiating which helped us close more deals at a higher level of profitability.”

– Regional Manager, Cisco Systems

“After Scott’s powerful workshop on Friday, we doubled our sales this weekend!! The sales tools he imparted to my team were nothing less than ‘Sales Dynamite,’ and we used it to launch a record breaking weekend!!”

– General Manager, SoCal Honda

“Every day at High Achievers Network we hire the top name speakers and trainers like Tom Hopkins, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, and Les Brown. I consider Scott Sorrell among these ‘Speaking Giants.’ He is a true powerhouse.”

– President, High Achievers Network

“Invaluable, practical and achievable. The ROI could easily be fifty fold! Captivating, enthusiastic and very funny. I could have listened for hours more.”

– President, Astro Pak Corporation

“The most effective sales trainer and speaker I have ever heard.”

– Executive MBA Professor, University of Texas

“September was phenomenal and October is shaping up to be a very good month as well. Everyone is amped up and closing like crazy. We’ve seen a 22% jump in retainer conversion percentage, and revenues are up significantly!”

– Director of Sales, Major National Law Firm (co name withheld)

“Scott’s job was not an easy one due to our inside team being more oriented toward order taking and not order making. Scott provided a simple path to building stronger client relationships and capturing more business.”

– National Director, Bexel Corporation

“Scott Sorrell is an inspiration and nothing short of a genius. We used to have difficulty quantifying our value. We were afraid if we raised our prices we would lose our customers. With Scott’s help we were able to increase significantly what our customers are willing to pay.”

– President, WCG Consulting

“After just two hours in a training with Scott Sorrell, my team tripled our sales the next day. And now for the past two weeks our whole sales team has been on fire, raising the bar in the district!”

– Flagship Club Manager, 24 Hour Fitness

“Wow, wow and double wow! Thank you for your outstanding presentation at the DPHA Annual Conference. Your presentation wowed our members and left them with a new paradigm for selling on value not price and getting to a bottom line that is win-win for themselves and their clients. You are a showstopper!”

– Executive VP, Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association

“Well Scott, you made me look like a genius. After your initial speaking engagement for my client last week, the company is RAVING about you! You delivered more solid content than any speaker they’ve ever hired, and they already are reporting stellar results after just a week. Their U.S. and global managers want to engage you for a 6-month series of live trainings, webinars and teleseminars. Thank you again!”

– Managing Director, National Executive Strategy Firm

“Scott is inspirational, informative, and incredibly credible. I learned how to use principles of psychology and consumer behavior to increase our customer’s perception of the value of the services we provide, and his specific techniques are already helping us separate our offering from others.”

– Program Director, XTP Communications

“September was the best month we’ve had in about two years. It was a record breaker. Having you train us made a difference. Just wanted to say thank you!”

– Director of Marketing, Major National Law Firm

“Terrific job! Your talk was inspiring and fun. I was impressed with your command of the audience.”

– Regional Sales Manager, 3M Corporation

“The best training I’ve seen in 22 years of sales management.”

– District Manager, ALSCO (American Linen Supply Co)

“Scott, after your training, we tripled our referrals and set an all-time branch record for new investment business.”

– Branch Manager, Chase Bank

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